Construction update

The big news is we have purchased land and construction is scheduled to start in early 2022.  Volunteers have begun clearing the land and installing temporary fencing, and Greg has been a tremendous help in overseeing the work.  The picture of the building is what ours will look like, and it will be a facility for various community outreaches.  The vision is that all the local churches will come together for their community, and we are seeing that happening now.  Though it is just a building, many lives will be changed through it.  Kids activities and nutrition programs are just the start.  It can also be used for scheduled health clinics since Los Limones does not have a health facility within walking distance.

We have a donor who is going to match all donations to help us reach the $40,000 cost of the building.  Please pray about donating and click the Donate tab above for more information.

Delmy got baptized!

Delmy got baptized!

For the past year we have been supporting Delmy so she could attend bible college in Antigua for the past year.  She just got baptized before returning home.  Praise the Lord!

April update #3

Video #1 translation:  

I also thank the Lord for helping me a lot up to here, look, up to here there is nobody who comes to say “come on can I help you with this?”

Because you know why. Look we are as they say without any water but nobody remembers us. I thank God for what you do.

Video #2 translation:  

Because I give thanks to God for what you guys do really, because no other is doing it and if not because of you guys good heart and is for that we can we have obtained groceries that the other day, he came to leave them. I give thanks to God and I have asked him to take care of you because if it wasn’t for you here there is no other authority that can do what you guys are doing, and for all of this, I give you thanks for your sacrifice.

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