The environment of living paycheck to paycheck is one where there is no disposable income for children to further their education.  By investing in one life we can see families better their lives, which in turn creates more opportunities for the whole community.  We cover 100% of the students tuition, supplies, and transportation to/from school.  During this time their families lose a main contributor to the home, but this short term sacrifice can dramatically change their long term situation.  Our students must go through a selection process that involves a financial needs assessment, student/parent agreement, references, mentorship with a pastor, and a service requirement in which they give back to their community. 

Here are a few organizations we are working with to make this happen:  The Guatemalan Project, All for Him Christian Ministries, and El Triunfo Assembly of God.

Juan - 19 years old - El Triunfo, Guatemala

  • Auto Mechanics student at Intecap (weekdays) and high school (Saturdays).
  • Family income: father is a mason (when there's work)
  • Goals: to become a professional mechanic and be able to help his parents and brothers.

Sidney - 15 years old - El Triunfo, Guatemala

  • Culinary Arts student at Intecap.
  • Family income: Mother washes clothes for other families and father is a day laborer.
  • Goals: to graduate from the culinary program and be able to support her parents and brothers. 

Carlos - 20 years old - El Triunfo, Guatemala

  • Motorcycle Mechanics student at Intecap.
  • Family income:  Currently an assistant at a motorcycle repair shop.
  • Goals: to create a better life for his wife and child
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